Saturday, September 10, 2011

2011 Kicks Off

The 2011 NFL season kicks off it's first weekend of football tomorrow! As fans from around the country bring out jerseys donning the colors of their favorite team and head to the stadiums tomorrow; we all should take time to remember what happen 10 years ago, as we remember September 11, 2001. By now, many know that the NFL and it's players will be taking part in remembrances at each stadium and within their equipment; but as fans, we should all remember that regardless of the color of the jersey a fan is wearing, we are all on the same team and that teams bearers the stars and stripes of the United States.

As Buffalo Bills wide receiver, Stevie Johnson, prepares for the upcoming season, he finds himself in a new role within the Bills offense. With the departure of Lee Evans(to Baltimore), Stevie finds himself as the team's #1 wide receiver. After a breakout season, in which he led the Bills in every receiving category, many wonder if Johnson can follow up on last season. This pre-season Johnson has shown that he has not let up and has looked focused to build off of last years results.

Stevie and his Buffalo Bills teammates travel to Kansas City for week 1 to face the Chiefs, a team in which the Bills lost to in overtime last season. In the loss, Johnson had 5 catches for 37 yards and 1 touchdown that tied the game up late in the 4th quarter.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Congratulations to Stevie Johnson on his nomination for the Vizio Top Value Performer for the 2010 NFL season. Other nominees for the award are Brandon Lloyd, Peyton Hillis, LaMarr Woodley, and Ahmad Bradshaw.

As a Top Value Performer, Johnson hauled in 82 passes for 1,073 yards and 10 touchdowns, making him one of the most underpaid wide receivers to reach 1,000 yards receiving the season. The third year wide receiver out of Kentucky earned $470,000 in 2010 which is considerably less than other wide recievers in the game such as Steve Smith(Carolina Panthers, $5.75mil) and Hines Ward(Pittsburgh Steelers,$4mil).

Recently, Johnson updated his Facebook status with the following:
"Im Personally Shipping a Free New Vizio Tv to the Top Voter for SJ13!!! Vote for me in the link below. Win ur TV now! Vote Vote and Vote again!"
and later followed it up with another status update of:
"Dont forget to vote, share with friends, fans, family, everyone. I will send a VIZIO TV to the person who brings the energy and excitement to helping me win this award by voting, generating votes, and getting others excited about voting. Lets Go Buffalo!! I BILLIEVE that you all have my back and will get the word out."

That's right fans, Stevie Johnson will be sending a lucky fan a FREE Vizio TV!!! Get to and vote for Steve Johnson to win the 2010 VIZIO Top Value Performer award.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pro Bowl Update

The NFL has recently announced that Houston Texans wide receiver, Andre Johnson, has officially dropped out of the 2011 Pro Bowl for the AFC squad. With his(Andre Johnson) absence from the game it has created a void in the WR position for the AFC team. The void has been filled by New England Patriot, Wes Welker.

Despite leading Welker in every statistical category for wide receivers, except catches, Stevie Johnson was not named as the alternate at the wide receiver position. Johnson trailed Welker by only 4 receptions during the season, but had 225 more receiving yards, 3 more touchdowns, and a higher yards per catch and yards per game average than Welker.

With the AFC wide receiver slots currently occupied by Reggie Wayne(Indianapolis Colts), Brandon Lloyd(Denver Broncos), Dwayne Bowe(Kansas City Chiefs), and Wes Welker(New England Patriots) we will continue to monitor and post any updates to the position if any players are to drop out of the Pro Bowl. Also, it should be noted that 3 of the 4 players currently scheduled to attend the Pro Bowl are still participants of the NFL Playoffs with their respective teams.


With the Buffalo Bills season completed for the past few days and the players lockers cleared out at One Bills Drive, we would like to extend a congratulations to wide receiver, Stevie Johnson.

In his first season as a starter(third year in the NFL), the former 7th round selection surpassed the 1,000 yard receiving mark for the first time. Johnson became the first Bills player to reach the achievement since Lee Evans accomplished the task in 2008.

Stevie finished the season with 82 receptions for 1, 073 yards and 10 touchdowns. The 10 touchdowns was one touchdown short of tying the Bills record for TD receptions in a single-season. Though he may have not tied or set the record there, Stevie did manage to tie another record during the course of the season. Johnson tied the Bills all-time consecutive games with a touchdown mark in the middle of the season.

Congratulations Stevie on the 1,000 yards, the record, and a breakout year. The fans of the Buffalo Bills look forward to many more successful seasons and the excitement you bring to the game!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

13Q with SJ13

In a recent opporunity I was given the chance to interview Buffalo Bills wide reciever, Stevie Johnson, in a segment we called "13Q with SJ13."

CaptOTM: "What is the best part of living in Buffalo?"
SJ13: "Best part of living in Buffalo is knowing that you have a great job in Buffalo. Seriously, I'd have to say the people. They are one of a kind New Yorkers. I don't know if I'm going to get mugged or invited to the house for cookies and cocoa."

CaptOTM: "Do you have a pregame routine?"
SJ13: "No pregame routine. I don't really like routines and having to do things the same way. I'd rather be loose and go with the flow. When I feel like I'm in a routine, I don't really feel right. I have to be loose and have a clear mind to have fun.

CaptOTM: "What is your most memorable reception as a Bill?"
SJ13: "My most memorable catch as a Bills has to be my first touchdown versus the (New York) Jets. It felt so good to finally score a touchdown in the NFL."

CaptOTM: "What motivates you to get better?"
SJ13: "Watching other players arounf the league motivates me to go out and try to make the most of this opportunity I have. My family is my motivation, because I know I am taking care of them."

CaptOTM: "How do you want your career to be remembered?"
SJ13: "Well, when I first got to Buffalo I said I wanted to bring entertainment, excitement, and a different kind of energy to Buffalo. So that's how I want to be remembered, as the type of player that had fun and showed it on the field while taking care of business."

CaptOTM: "Can the fans expect to hear Stevie Styles on any upcoming Ya Boy tracks?
SJ13: "Yes, I will be doing some work with Ya Boy; it's going to be crazy!!! BlackCardBoyz with The CF WingTeam."

CaptOTM: "Most influential person in your life?"
SJ13: "My dad by far. He's been through a lot and has taught me a lot. He also had the opportunity to make it to a big college and the pros, but things went a different route, but he showed me how to be a SF Warrior."

CaptOTM: "Do you have any extra interest in possibly signing with a West Coast team, in order to be close to home?"
SJ13: "I can always be home. I've been home for 16, 17 straight years. I'm good where I am."

CaptOTM: " What is the most unusual thing a fan has asked you to autograph?"
SJ13: "To keep it PG, some kids have asked me to sign their cheeks. I guarantee you they don't have that autograph anymore. What a waste of good ink."

CaptOTM: "Can you share your thoughts on the NFL Lockout situation?"
SJ13: "I think it'll be a lockout during the offseason and maybe training camp, preseason; but I don't think it'll extend through the season. If it does, I know I listened to the vets and saved my mulah."

CaptOTM: "Why do you wear #13?"
SJ13: "I wore the 13 to be different in college. They gave me the option of a bunch of different 80's numbers and I specifically asked for 13 to be different. They say 13 is unlucky, I don't think so."

CaptOTM: "How different is the NFL from college?"
SJ13: Well instead of playing with teenagers, I am playing with adults, grown men with families. As far as football goes it's a different speed, but for the most part the samething I learned from Keenan Burton in college is the samething I apply here in the NFL and that's if you know or have an idea of what everybody is doing on the field things begin to slow down a little more."

CaptOTM: " What advice would you give a young WR? Or any young athlete?"
SJ13: "Stay focused on the goal you've set and don't let anyone tell you, you can't make it in life. At whatever you do in life, work on BECOMING A FACTOR TO THAT PROFESSION. Always be a student and stay humble, stay ready, stay hunger, and stay fly."

Thank you Stevie for the interview and we look forward to seeing you on the field!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Voting Closes

With the fan voting portion for the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl voting this evening(12/20/2010), here is an updated look at where Stevie Johnson ranks in the AFC receiving categories.

Receptions- 4th
Receiving Yards- 6th
Touchdowns- 2nd
First Downs- 4th

Along with being ranked in the top of the elite wide receivers in the AFC, Stevie has also etched his name into the Buffalo Bills records books this and is close to doing it again. Earlier this season, Johnson tied the Bills franchise record of consecutive games with a touchdown (5) and is now only one touchdown away from matching the franchise mark of eleven touchdown receptions in a single season with two games to go. Additionally, Stevie is 57 yards away from completing his first 1,000 yard receiving season in the NFL.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Autograph Signing

Stevie Johnson is scheduled to appear at Dave and Adam's Card World in Orchard Park, New York on December 22, 2010.

The signing will be from 6:00pm to 8:00pm and tickets for the signing are as followed:
- Ticket for an autographed Buffalo Bills 8 x 10 Photo: $12
- Ticket to get your item signed: $19

This event is a great opportunity for that last minute gift for any sports fan. Be sure to come out and meet Stevie and get an autograph. For more information on the event and how to purchase tickets, please visit

Store address is:
3217 F Southwestern Blvd.
Orchard Park, NY 14127
Phone: (716) 677-1840